I was so thrilled to try out this floral cake pan from Williams Sonoma I saw awhile back and finally picked it up in the store. Williams Sonoma has such beautiful floral pans right now! I had my whole Sunday planned out. Wake up early, make chocolate Belgian waffles for breakfast, spend the day reading and writing, etc. I was quite excited for it all. Sadly, I woke up feeling absolutely dismal and exhausted. I couldn't get out of bed. It seems as if my thyroid issues are really catching up to me. I've been off the medication for a couple of months now and the issues are finally getting too much to bear unfortunately. Especially these last couple of weeks which has prompted me to make an appointment with my doctor to get my medication again. Sigh. I am not the best at keeping up with my health and there are periods when I don't take my medicine and then this happens and I get very sick. So, Sunday I could hardly keep my eyes open and stayed in bed falling asleep every so often and just feeling miserable mentally, too. V was very worried and finally made me eat something and then came back a bit later and told me to get out of bed and get dressed because we were going on a day trip and it was a surprise. This was his way of helping me. And so I did. We drove an hour up north and had lunch by the lake and then just drove back to the city. Thank goodness for people who care and take care of you. After that, I felt much better. Physically and mentally. So much so I was able to make the cake and I had a lovely Sunday after all. 

Currently I am sitting in my living room having a slice of it with a side of whipped cream and berries. It's making me feel very summery which is nice because it is actually 35 degrees outside right now. I just got back from my local bookstore where I picked up Float by Anne Carson. Really excited to go through this one because the format of the book is so interesting and brilliant. But Anne Carson is always brilliant you should know. April is Poetry Month so I will be reading even more poetry than I usually do and will try and share with you what it is I'm reading. Until next time!