A floral arrangement from local florist and purveyor of beautiful special antique objects, Alt's. Alt is a florist, gardener, antique finder and collector and a custom builder! His place is a one stop show for everything. Fresh flowers, unique antique pieces...even a good conversation. It was one of the first places I discovered in my neighborhood of Walker's Point when I first moved to Milwaukee. And how fitting it was. Everything I love in one beautiful store. I was in awe when I first walked in. It's such a special place, unlike anything I've ever been in before. Really it felt like I had traveled back in time. Every corner filled with curious looking antiques and flowers hanging upside down from the ceiling to dry, plants everywhere. It's really the loveliest experience walking in. 

Luckily, it is a short five minute walk from my apartment and so I go there quite often to look at what new antiques he's found and to pick up a floral arrangement. I love fresh flowers but I have such an affinity for dried flowers, as well. Everlasting bouquets. I love that I can keep them for such a long time, as I never get tired of them anyway. Yesterday I stopped in and picked out a few stems of dried florals and leaves that caught my eye. Then he found me a vessel amongst his collection that would be fitting and created a really beautiful piece. This is what I love about it. Going in and seeing what he's got, perusing the store to look for a vessel that catches your eye. He has so many different kinds of vessels, all antiques, all unique. And then, right then and there, he creates something stunning. 





This next one was the first arrangement I ever got from Alt's, more than six months ago. It's still just as beautiful and still on my coffee table in the living room.





These arrangements I made myself with dried florals I picked up from Alt's. I had three ceramic vases by Judy Jackson I wanted to fill. I also still have these decorating my bookshelves.