It's a beautiful day today and I was sitting here enjoying peaceful music and occasionally glancing out of my big windows and watching the snow fall. Watching snow fall is such a rare thing for me, still a new experience and so I find it extremely calming and meditative. I have been here in this new city in the Midwest for more than six months and winter has been here since December but this is the first real snow fall, a first experience in my life. Lots of firsts this past year and more to come I'm sure.

I feel like I slipped away from many things I loved doing, things I didn't even do often even before but always meant to and slowly diminished even more once I moved here and started this job I have that is crushing. You tell yourself how you want to live your life yet your life passes by with really no change. Sigh. I don't want that any longer. I want to to delve back into my creativity and artistic practice. I would like to write more here and by hand in a journal. More memory keeping and photo taking. And, of course, always books. Books and poetry.

This morning we had breakfast at my local French restaurant. I had Pancake Néelandaise, a dutch style pancake topped with lemon curd and mixed berry coulis and blueberries and powdered sugar. It is probably my absolute favorite breakfast. We have been home for a few hours and I took a nap but it's still early in the day and there are some things I'd like to do before the day is over. Finish the book I have been reading, book notes I need to write down, art journaling. There is some wonderful lemon chicken and broccoli pasta waiting for me to eat. V made it yesterday from an Ina Garten recipe, came out deliciously, a new favorite dish.

                                                          I have been living in this Lauren Manoogian + Pansy set.

                                                          I have been living in this Lauren Manoogian + Pansy set.