Lately, I have gotten back into the pastime of journaling, scrapbooking and writing. I used to do this a lot years ago, as well as sending letters and packages in the mail, but haven't in some time. My brother gifted me a beautiful leather journal though and it resparked this pastime I used to love. I took out all my washi tapes and stamps and paper clippings and I bought a few new things. 


A while back I made a book of pockets from vellum paper and brass brackets for all my labels and paper clippings which I carry along with my journal and various other notebooks and stationary supplies.  


This vintage leather zipper case was such a lucky find as I had been looking for something like this to hold pens, pencils, notebooks and other supplies. It came with all the original things, paper thin envelopes, sheets of paper, etc. and must be from the 50s or 60s. Label is Connoisseur from England. Love it so much! 


If you are interested in sending letters and small packages please email me! I would love to start letter writing again.  My email is