I had been wanting a 100% linen duvet and pillowcases for a long time. I received a set as a gift during the holidays and I love the perfectly wrinkled look and their softness so much! Here are some photos from the past Saturday morning when I lit some incense and listened to the music of Fjordne and took photos in my bedroom because the morning light was so pretty.

Japanese Home and Their Surroundings by Edward S. Morse

Special mineral acquired during an important time for me in Marfa. I love the white crystals that jut out.

Little treasures bought at Take Heart shop while in Austin. Incense from Dreamworks, little wooden spoons for my jarred clay masks and scrubs, a Fog Linen facial wash cloth and a little button that says "Be good to yourself."

Burned my new incense in this brass incense burner, one of my very favorite vintage finds.